Laminated slab


  • Inventors: QIU ZEYOU
  • Assignees: 邱则有
  • Publication Date: October 08, 2008
  • Publication Number: CN-101280587-A


Disclosed is a laminated slab which consists of a reinforced concrete (1) and a reinforced concrete ribbed precast slab (2); the reinforced concrete ribbed precast slab (2) is arranged at the bottom of the laminated slab and comprises a reinforced concrete soleplate (3) and a reinforced concrete longitudinal rib (4). The laminated slab is characterized by being provided with pore holes (5) running horizontally through the longitudinal rib (4) or /and the soleplate (3); the component between the pore holes (5) are connection components (6) which connect the longitudinal rib (4) with the soleplate (3) and are precast components. Therefore, the laminated slab is applicable to field casting reinforced concrete or prestressed reinforced concrete superposed floors, roofs, walls, foundation slabs and bridges, especially to superposed roofs.




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