Shared communication capabilities of mobile stations for high bandwidth communications



A wireless communication arrangement (20) includes a plurality of mobile stations (22, 24, 26) and a remotely located server (28). A local group connection (44) among the mobile stations and individual wireless links (32, 34, 36) between the mobile stations and the server (28) facilitate realizing a higher effective bandwidth for communicating between the server (28) and any one of the mobile stations. In a disclosed example, a high bandwidth communication is divided into a plurality of portions that are each transmitted over one of the wireless links between a corresponding mobile station and the server. When the mobile stations divide up a communication and transmit it to the server, the server combines the portions into the entire communication. The local group connection among the mobile stations facilitates dividing up the communication in this manner. When the server 28 transmits a plurality of portions to the individual mobile stations, the local group connection facilitates combining those portions into the entire communication.




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