Preparation for ferroelectric-ferromagnetic composite nano-fiber



The invention provides a method that can successively produce ferroelectric and ferromagnetic composite nano fiber, is simple, convenient and low in cost and comprises the following processing steps: (1) ferroelectric precursor solution is prepared; (2) ferromagnetic precursor solution is prepared; (3) ferroelectric and ferromagnetic composite solution is prepared; (4) electrostatic spinning is adopted to prepare the ferroelectric and ferromagnetic composite nano fiber; (5) roasting is carried out to obtain the ferroelectric and ferromagnetic composite nano fiber with stable performances. The ferroelectric and ferromagnetic composite nano fiber provided by the invention can ensure uniform composition of ferroelectric phase and ferromagnetic phase in the molecular scale and even in the atomic scale and greatly increase contact area, thus resulting in higher magneto-electric coupling coefficient; the technique of the invention has broad application prospects in fields such as a convertor, an attenuator, a filter, a probe, a spin valve and a biconditional storage unit, etc.




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