A realization method and platform for C/S and B/S mixed architecture mode



The invention relates to an implementation for a C/S and B/S mixed architecture mode and a platform, the implementation is realized by providing a uniform server for different clients in C/S and B/S modes, according to web service technology and AJAX technology respectively, the C/S client accesses services according to SOAP protocol, the B/S rich client accesses services according to AJAX technology, service-oriented design idea is employed, such that the C/S client and the B/S rich client can share a same server. As for large repeated requests from the C/S client or the B/S client, repeat database accesses can be avoided, which is helpful to lowering the average response time of requests. The implementation is realized by providing the uniform server for clients in different modes, thus to improve the maintainability, the expandability and the scalability of a software system.




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