Silicon micro-resonance type accelerometer



The invention discloses a silicon micro-resonant type accelerometer, comprising an upper layer part of the accelerometer formed on the single crystal silicon and a lower layer part of the signal line formed on the glass substrate. The upper layer mechanical structure of the accelerometer is composed of a mass block, a pair of identical resonators and bars. The resonators are vertically and symmetrically disposed in the middle of the mass block. One end of the resonator is connected with the fixed baseplate and another end of the resonator is connected with the mass block by the bar and the mass block is connected with the fixed baseplates by four folded beams. The fixed baseplate is mounted on the fixed basedplate bonding points on the glass substrate, therefore the mechanical structure of the upper layer is hang in the air above the glass substrate of the lower layer. The silicon micro-resonant type accelerometer has features: high sensitivity, good stability and strong resistance to shock.




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