Steel rail fracture vehicle-carrying non-contact fast monitoring technique


  • Inventors: TANG DEYAO
  • Assignees: 唐德尧
  • Publication Date: September 17, 2008
  • Publication Number: CN-101264767-A


The invention relates to a steel rails fracture vehicle-mounted non-contact fast detection technique, comprising n wheel pairs, 2n sensors and 2n resonance demodulation convertors, wherein n wheel pairs are arranged in locomotive and vehicle; the 2n sensors are positioned on 2n axle boxes of the wheel pairs, which are used for detecting the wheel impact situation caused by fractured rails; 2n sensor signals are transported in parallel and synchronously to 2n corresponding matching resonance demodulation convertors; 2n resonance demodulation signals are transported in parallel to 2n corresponding AD channel of computer, which are output by 2n resonance demodulation convertors; the resonance demodulation signals are controlled by a plurality of rotational speed control signals output by a plurality of rotational speed interfaces; the speed automatic tracking and uninterrupted continuous sampling is processed to obtain 2n continuous samples which is obtained from the monitoring of each sensor to each trail and divided into two groups; the samples are sent to a computer fractured rail diagnosis expert system, which are real-time analyzed, diagnosed and detached out of the steel rails fracture information by the computer fractured rail diagnosis expert system; the real-time mileage coordinates are obtained from locomotive monitor system; the steel rails fracture information sends out the alarm through the 485 interface together with the real-time mileage coordinates.




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