A novel measuring device for error code rate



The invention provides a device for measuring bit error rate of communication equipment, which consists of programmable process equipment 1, user-controlled software and a signal processing hardware platform 3. The device integrates a bit error testing and channel simulation as a whole, and by utilizing a programmable process apparatus and/or the programmable equipment, the device also greatly simplifies the complexity and production difficulty of the hardware; meanwhile, the device also solves the problem that as the common bit error rate measuring devices lack channel simulation function, a channel simulator needs to be provided for testing bit error in the channel simulation environment, which leads the operation to be loaded down with trivial details and causes a waste of hardware resources. The invention also provides a method for fast configuring channel parameters. By arranging the parameters in a human-computer interface through the programmable processing equipment and by the virtue of a PCI bus transmission method, the simulation channels can be changed quickly according to the requirements of the user.




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