Instant-drinking cupped beverage product capable of bending sucker and retaining the same in packaging cup


  • Inventors: LIANG JIALIN
  • Assignees: 梁嘉麟
  • Publication Date: September 03, 2008
  • Publication Number: CN-101254843-A


The invention relates to a ready-to-drink packaged beverage product with a bendable suction tube positioned in a package cup. The bendable suction tube (3) and a sealing cover (6) matched therewith are positioned in the package cup, which is designed to achieve the packaging method in the following two major steps: (A) respectively fixing two straight tube sections constituting the bendable suction tube (3) and capable of folding in an opposite way inside and outside the beverage cup (2), arranging the sealing cover (6) at the protruding straight tube section of the bendable suction tube (3), adhering and sealing the protruding straight tube section of the bendable suction tube (3) in the external position of a top cover film (8) of the beverage cup (2) in the lodging state by arranging a protective film (5); and (B) finishing conventional packaging process of filling the beverage cup (2) with beverage (1). The inventive packaged beverage product avoids negative effects of external 'unsanitary' factors on the use of the product (such as no suction tube inserting process by hand pinching).




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