Power boiler low NOx combustion method and control system based on wind powder closed-loop control



The present invention discloses a power station boiler low NOx combustion method based on wind powder closed loop control and a boiler primary air wind powder closed loop control system. The method is as follows: the main burner region excessive air coefficient is controlled below 1.0; the deficient air at the upper side of a hearth is supplemented by an SOFA nozzle at AA interval; a function f(Q)=f(N,D) is used to compare NOx actual measured value with target value, wherein N is coal type, D is load and Q is graded air amount; after adjusted by PID, the deviation of the comparison is used as a correcting factor to be overlapped with the coal type-load-graded air amount function f(Q) for adjusting the mixture ratio between the SOFA air amount and the secondary air amount of the combustion region. The system comprises a first signal measuring part, a signal acquiring part, a data processing part and a feedback part. With the closed loop control system, the method ensures, in different working conditions, the even distribution of the first air wind powder of each layer and perfect mixture ratio between the SOFA air amount and the secondary air amount of the combustion region, so that the method realizes the optimized control target of reducing the discharging of boiler contamination NOx and improving boiler efficiency.




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