Roll forming integrated technique of high intensity high-hardness alloy and roll forming equipment



The invention relates to a roll forging integrated process of high-strength and high-hardness alloy and a piece of roll forging device thereof. The process mainly comprises the following processing steps: a main frame and an eccentric roller arranged on the main frame make an advance and return movement along the axial direction of the blank; the eccentric roller is continuously and repeatedly separated from the blank during the advance and return process, then falls down to forge, and rolls the blank until the processing is completed. The device for roll forging high-strength and high-hardness alloy consists of four parts, namely a feeding device, a main frame, a discharging device and a drive mechanism of the main frame. The process is simple, practical and efficient. The structure of the device is simple and compact. The process can save the material in the processing of the high-strength, high-hardness and refractory alloy materials with more than 200 HB, such as the refractory metal such as tool steel, roll steel, tungsten, molybdenum, tantalum, niobium, and alloy thereof, and titanium alloy, and improves the mechanical property of products.




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